Mirmade is the design and illustration portfolio of Miranda Singler, a Sacramento-based designer who listens, collaborates, and supports solid visual storytelling.

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Random ruminating writings

1 Sep

Summary: An alternative walking tour gives insight into the artistic, counter-cultural community that defines Berlin. Why I went to Berlin Last year I decided to host couch surfers as part of the community. My apartment was in a convenient location[…]

12 Aug

Summary: Hostels provide affordable lodging and a community space for travelers around the world. The idea behind hostels was conceived during the industrial revolution by a teacher who wanted his students to experience fresh air and nature. Vagabonding and hostels[…]

9 Jul

Summary: Even a small delay can have noticable impacts on user experience. In the case of withdrawing money from an ATM, added time to receive your debit card can create the risk of forgetting to take the card out of[…]

16 Mar

Several years ago, I learned that the beauty of Chinese calligraphy comes from the subtle balance of controlled brush strokes combined with  unbridled spontaneity. I really like the idea behind that, as a way of creating art, and as a metaphor[…]

17 Nov

About Helios and Eos, Tiny Titan Cats Helios and Eos are two snowshoe (part Siamese, part American short hair) cats. They are brother and sister, who love to cuddle and play. Eos is the calm, gentle soul who loves to[…]

17 Nov

A couple of years ago a good friend and I attended a living room concert through the couchsurfing online community. The living room concert was spurred by Jim Tambofeet, a charismatic, traveling musician with an energetic style reflective of 1990’s[…]

20 Jan

This past year (2016), my partner and I watched the TV series, Star Trek: The Next Generation. I remember seeing it on TV as a kid, but my family wasn’t big into Sci Fi. All I remember was seeing that[…]

1 Oct

Whew! That’s all I can say right now. Tomorrow I’ll be launching Sleeping Volcano, a web comic that’s been brewing for about three years now. I still have a lot of plot and overall story to figure out, but as[…]

6 Aug

Sleeping Volcano is a webcomic in the works. It’s inspired by adventures in Champaign, Illinois, skydiving stories from my Dad, and growing up on a farm 🙂 These are a few sketches of some of the characters. I’m also super[…]

1 Apr

“He who asks is a fool for five minutes, he who remains silent is a fool forever…” – Old Chinese proverb That quote was on the wall of my Mom’s art classroom when she taught high school students. When I’d go to[…]


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