Whew! That’s all I can say right now. Tomorrow I’ll be launching Sleeping Volcano, a web comic that’s been brewing for about three years now. I still have a lot of plot and overall story to figure out, but as one of my good friends likes to say, YOLO! (You Only Live Once) 🙂

Tomorrow will also be my first convention (albeit a small one), but it feels like a big deal to this little country gal 🙂

There are going to be women artists from the surrounding Sacramento region. I got to meet a couple of them tonight while setting up.

Arlo Disarray has some stellar, strange monster plushies, known as Rejected Toys.

Arlo Disarray

Sarah Rene Kraft has some beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations ripe with symbolism, and careful technique.

Sarah Kraft illustrations

Kristine Balog is an art history professor whose passion lies in telling the story of Caravaggio, an Italian painter who apparently had a very soap-opera, intense life. I remember talking to her last year, and loving how passionate she was about art history 🙂 She even wrote a comic book about Caravaggio!

Caravaggio's Darkness

I’d like to give a huge, huge shout out to the Sacramento Comic Creator’s Group (primarily led by a fantastic artist and teacher named Neil these days). Jason from Scattered Comics was also pretty instrumental in getting the group going, as I understand too.  I stumbled upon this group when moving to Sacramento three years ago, and they have been nothing but positive support, learning, lots of new friends, and just an all around wonderful, tight-knit community of brilliant artists and writers in the Capital City 🙂

I’d also love to give a huge shout out to Ben, the owner of Empires Comics. Last year he asked me if I thought about doing the women’s mini con, and I think my response was …”Uh….maybe if I get my shit together!”. Well the “shit is getting together”. It’s so awesome that Ben is opening his doors to local creatives. It certainly gave me the motivation I needed to finally bring the Sleeping Volcano idea into fruition 🙂

Anyhow, I am cleaning up the initial pages as we speak, and those pages should be live within the next few hours 🙂 Midnight was my goal. Pumpkin O’clock!

Here’s info on the women’s creative mini con:http://www.empirescomics.com/2016/09/creative-women-mini-con-2016-complete.html

Here’s the URL for Sleeping Volcano:http://sleeping-volcano.com/