About Helios and Eos, Tiny Titan Cats

Helios and Eos are two snowshoe (part Siamese, part American short hair) cats. They are brother and sister, who love to cuddle and play. Eos is the calm, gentle soul who loves to lay around all day, and will meow at you when it is time to go to sleep. Helios, on the other hand, is a bit of a fiery, passionate spirit who loves exploring new places and meeting new cat friends.

Why These Two Titans Need a New Home

I love these two cats dearly. I have been fortunate enough to take care of them over the past four years. They have taken care of me too, quite honestly 🙂 Despite my affinity for these felines, I am looking for a new home for them. Back in March, my boyfriend and I split up (after 5 years together), and I spent some time soul-searching as is customary after a breakup.

When thinking about what I should do with the new-found life as a free-spirited, single woman, I called a friend and asked her if she wanted to finally go traveling around the world. Of course she immediately said yes 🙂

So I am taking about eight months to travel internationally with my good friend, Ting, before we both get too old and gray, looking back upon a life full of regrets. I feel now is a good time to take some time to rest, explore, and get out of the comfort zone.

Upon return, I hope to dedicate my life to giving back to the community (to my hometown (4-H and schools, women’s shelters), and to the community of wherever I live upon return. Anyhow, back to the cats 🙂

Origin Story: Helios and Eos

In the winter of 2014, I attended a board game party at a friend’s house. There was a couple there, Peter and Kimberly, who mentioned that they volunteered to foster kittens as part of the Cats About Town Society (CATS) [include link]. They mentioned that they were currently fostering two sibling kittens named Helios and Eos. After the party, I met Kim and Peter at their place to see the kittens, and I loved them at first sight! Helios grew up jumping and playing with the giant old man cat, Sirus. And Eos grew up alongside hime, hiding up in the tall cat tree.

So I have had these guys since they were little tiny kittens, and taken care of them for the past four years.

About the cats:

  • Eos, Titan of the Dawn
    • Female, Siamese
    • Personality: calm, gentle soul, not a mean bone in her body. feminine and caring, meows at me when it is time to go to bed
  • Helios, Titan of the Sun
    • Male, black and white tuxedo
    • Personality: A type and fiery, likes to run around and explore the world (loves to be outside)

Both Cats: Logistics

  • Age:
    • 4 years old (Born February 2014)
  • Food:
    • Purina Naturals or Purina Indoor cat food [include a photo]
    • I feed them each half a cup in the morning (7 am), and half a cup at night (about 6 pm)
  • Litter:
    • They’ll use any kind of litter, but over the past year I’ve bought the pine litter, simply becuase it’s cheap and good for odor ($12 for 40 lb bag at Petsmart). the only problem with this litter is it does track through the house, but i vacuum 1-2 times per week
  • Medications:
    • The only time I give them any medication is an occasional topical flea treatment (usually Advantage or Frontline).
  • Shots:
    • I have all medical records for both animals. Eos needs to get her rabies shot, which I aim to do before Christmas
  • Vet:
  • Spayed & neutered:
    • Yes. They were both spayed and neutered as kittens.
  • Known Health Issues
    • Sometimes there is blood in their stool. I took the cats to the vet a couple years to find out the cause, but the vet was not able to determine. Both cats play and act healthy, so I don’t know what caused that. It could be a sign of a larger health issue, or maybe they ate too much string that day.
  • RFID Tag:
    • They are both chipped and (not) registered
  • Travel (what to do if you go out of town):
    • When I go out of town, I have friends watch them.
    • I have taken Helios to Pat’s Boarding Place for Cats (in Natomas in Sacramento)
    • Helios really loves being there and socializing with other cats (he was a Great Gatsby (Catsby?) in a former life :), basically he’s an eternal socialite who maintains his tuxedo in all lives 🙂
  • Play:
    • They love to play with feathers and toys on strings
    • They also enjoy the laser pointer
    • they like to cuddle, especially in the winter
    • Helios doesn’t mind being picked up
    • Eos doesn’t like being picked up, but usually doesn’t scratch or bite, she just will try to jump out
  • Other Animals:
    • Eos is very shy
    • Helios loves other cats
    • They met a dog once, and that was a funny experience (cat running around the wall, dog sitting calmly staring at the wild cat)I think they could ease in to getting along with a dog with good time (maybe a month or two)
  • Personalities:
    • They get along really, well, but like most siblings they like to argue and play.

Deadline for Adoption: January 15

I would like to find a home for the cats by middle of January so that I have enough time to prepare for the trip.

Contact for Adoption:

If you are interested in adopting Helios and Eos (or just one of them), please contact Miranda at miranda@mirmade.net.

Thank you so much for your consideration 🙂


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