‘MyTri’ is a user-driven website dedicated to showcasing diverse projects from University students. The site aims to promote dialog and collaboration among users through project groups and discussion. The ultimate goal of ‘MyTri’ is to serve as a virtual networking site to:

  • Promote the work of University students
  • Improve the professional network of students across majors
  • Create a venue for potential employers to discover new talent

‘Mytri’ is based on the thesis work of University of Illinois grad student, Vinit Shah. I collaborated with Vinit to:

  • Design & refine web page mockups
  • Brainstorm¬†page navigation
  • Choose color schemes and imagery
  • Develop dynamic information graphics

MyTri web design 02_MyTri_WebDesign_Home-Loggedin_w800 03_MyTri_WebDesign_Search_w800 04_MyTri_WebDesign_Project_w800 05_MyTri_WebDesign_Project-edit_w800 06_MyTri_WebDesign_Project-Request_w800 07_MyTri_WebDesign_Userpage_w800