August 11 2014
MyTri web design

‘MyTri’ is a user-driven website dedicated to showcasing diverse projects from University students. The site aims to promote dialog and collaboration among users through project groups and discussion. The ultimate goal of ‘MyTri’ is to serve as a virtual networking[…]

June 18 2013

Bacon’s Architectural Muntins specialize in custom extruded, finished and fully assembled aluminum muntin grids, based in Champaign, IL. I developed the logo, web design, layout, and basic front-end development with the guidance of my design manager while at Accuraty Solutions[…]

June 18 2013

Radius Custom Solutions Group specializes in developing software such as mobile apps, intranets, desktop or laptop softare, and cloud solutions. I collaborated with Radius (the client), and my design manager at Accuraty Solutions in Champaign, Illinois to bring this design[…]