Category: 2013

June 25 2013
Leaving Illinois

I apologize in advance as I’m supposed to be a graphic designer and many of these photos may be of ‘shitty’ photographic quality, yet their sentimental value surpasses all. So suck it! Gonna try and keep this short and sweet.[…]

June 22 2013

#02 Firefly


Ok, here goes for a first real blog post. Not sure why, but I’m incredibly nervous to write this. Whatever. So this past year has been filled with lots of crazy life changes! I have decided to take the plunge[…]

June 18 2013
Mirmade 2010 website

In the name of documenting and archiving, here is the original old-school mirmade website. That baby got me jobs– yah! And the professors told me to use a different domain name… Hooo!