I apologize in advance as I’m supposed to be a graphic designer and many of these photos may be of ‘shitty’ photographic quality, yet their sentimental value surpasses all. So suck it!

Gonna try and keep this short and sweet. So I have lived in Illinois my whole gosh dern life. First 18 years in small town of Irving. Last 7 years in college town of Chambana (Champaign and Urbana). Big news here! College town changed my life! I met a lot of groovy people there through school (first 4 years) and work (last 3 years). Well, see this one guy I met, let’s call him David, well cupid shot him in the ass, and consequently  he asked me to move out to California with him.

So here I am, far far from friends and family in good ole Illinois, on my way to California to see this dude and check out the West Coast. Did I mention that cupid shot me in the ass too?

I’m nervous and excited and all of those crazy feelings that come with moving your life 2,000 miles away. But praise the day for blogging is cathartic!

Here are some photos gleaned from my last few days in Illinois (enjoy, don’t judge!)


This is my sister, Shelley. We were roomies this past year. We drove each other nuts due to conflicting neurosis. God I miss that woman.

Maggie the bunny

This is Shelley’s bunny, Maggie. She was so happy when she got to run through the green, green grass at my parents’ place.

Dan, Kevin, and Pat

My Mom, the wonder woman, got all of the farm folk together for a surprise going away party, so they could all consciously say ‘Goodbye and Good luck!’ and so they could all wonder, in one collective subconscious voice, ‘What the hell you dooooooin??’

Aunt Joyce

Good old Aunt Joyce made sure to carefully inspect the beautiful beach cooler that she and Uncle Arlin so thoughtfully bequeathed to me before the epic journey.

Rocco eats bunny

After the big ole party, I gave this old toy rabbit to my folks’ dog, Rocco. Let’s just say he was a very happy animal. I can’t speak for the rabbit, though..

Dad 70's Road Trip

Before saying goodbye to my parents, my Dad unearthed an archaic photo album in which he appears to be YOUNG and also DRIVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY.

Odin, Illinois

After tearfully leaving my parents’ house, I passed through Odin, Illinois. I just knew there was a clan of Norsemen in Southern Illinois…

Chris grilled

Before totally checking out of Illinois, I stopped to visit an old friend from junior high/high school. She and her boyfriend fed me like I was one of their own. My belly is still smiling from that visit.

Becca and Chris

Here is Rebeccah, Chris, and their little doodle bug, Emily. I’m so happy I was able to see them before leaving Illinois.