After leaving the lovely Rebeccah, Chris, and Emily in Cambria, Illinois, I set sail for Little Rock, Arkansas.

Cairo, IL

Before leaving Illinois, I passed through Cairo, Illinois, because this town played an important role in one of my favorite books, American Gods by Neil Gaiman. In the book, the main character comes to Cairo to work with Jackal and Ibis at an embalming place. I found it slightly strange that in real-life Cairo, the first prominent business outside of town was a funeral home. I wonder if this is eerie coincidence or if Neil Gaiman is just a sneaky little devil.

This is what happens when you fail to charge your iPod.

Obviously the iPod is still a’charging…

Arkansas rest area

Once I got that good ole iPod charged, I decided it was time to recharge myself and take a little break at a rest stop. Lo and behold, Arkansas has one of the most beautiful, flower-filled rest stops I have ever seen!

Shady hotel door

Look Mom! This hotel was super shady! So when I got to the hotel in Little Rock, I discovered that the room was actually connected to another room via an interior door. The staff placed a nice thick table against the door, along with a very positive ‘Welcome!’ sign, so that made everything better. Man, I be living the classy life!

Little Rock hotel

My bamboo plant is happy, hooray for a place to sleep for the night!