Ok, here goes for a first real blog post. Not sure why, but I’m incredibly nervous to write this.

So this past year has been filled with lots of crazy life changes! I have decided to take the plunge and move to California to be with my cuddly white nerd man, beware of the cheese to ensue… Making that decision was probably one of the most challenging, life-altering decisions thus far in this little existence on this floating planet… We almost broke up because I backed out and was too scared and bla bla bla drama. But flowers and puppies and roses, we talked it through, and now, what the hell, I am moving to the FREAKING WEST COAST!

As a way to understand embrace the craziness of this new adventurous journey, I started watching Firefly. I had heard friends talk a lot about this show previously, but had never taken the time to sit down and watch it. I guess the whole idea of leaving all that is familiar to you and going off to explore a new lands makes a person a bit more inclined to embrace a bunch of space cowboys..

I fell in love with this show, as did a lot of people (yes I am way behind in the cult following..not even going to try and be a hipster..). Anyhow- I fell in love with this show mainly because all of the crew members seem to have such distinct roles from one another. They are each strong and independent characters in their own right, yet some how they all seem to make it work together. They all come from different places, and they sustain on work that is at best ‘sketchy’ and definitely not stable… But they are true to themselves and each other.

After these past few years of going to college, I have tried to figure out where I belong in life or what kind of social groups to fit in. I have hung out with hillbillies, the artsy kids, more recently nerdy guys, and musicians. Oftentimes I feel out of place with all of these people. When I hang out with the nerdy folk, I often think, why are they spending time with me? I struggle to keep up with all the facts and pop culture references about which they can converse so easily.. In high school, I hung out with the hillbilly folk, and had fun riding bikes through the country and hanging around at bonfires on the weekends, but there wasn’t always that intellectual spark I was looking for. Ok, I actually really liked hanging out with the artsy kids, but then there’s also the worry that your own artwork isn’t good enough, or that you aren’t artsy enough or something…

Basically, I’m freaking 25 years old, and still not sure where I fit in. I’m beginning to embrace the fact that I don’t really belong anywhere in particular, just like the crew of Firefly. And instead of trying to belong to any one particular group or stereotype, I’m going to say fuck it, stop worrying, just be myself, and enjoy the ride! Because all of them Firefly folks sure as hell are!