About a year ago, a friend posted on Facebook (like you do)…”Hey! Who wants to go to Iceland?” A year later and with the power of the internet, seven brave wanderers met up in Reykavik, Iceland, to embark on an eclectic, epic road trip.

We lived in a van for ten days, and we explored the land of “fire and ice”. We began in Reykavik, and headed Eastward around the ring road that encircles the island country of Iceland. On the second day of our trip, we stopped in at a convenience store for supplies. While casually talking to the store owner, he gave us a tip on where to find the best hot spring. But he also forewarned us to look out for the “huldufolk” (or hidden people) – elves, trolls, and other mystical creatures that live within the mountains and mystical places scattered all through Iceland. He also warned us to look out for interdimensional portals to other lands, and that we were no longer on planet earth 🙂 I’m pretty sure he was just making a joke with us, as we were tourists, but after adventuring through the strange land full of bubbling, steaming springs, and lava formations, and waterfalls that blew backwards, I began to believe just a little bit more in the possibiility of the huldufolk 🙂

I hope that these few photos will give you a sense of our journey, and the beautiful, strange land that is Iceland 🙂

Iceland photos

This is what it looks like to drive in Iceland! So much green! So much mountain 🙂


Here we are standing outside of Skogafoss, outside of Reykjavik. It is probably the most touristy waterfall due to its location to the capitol. There is a legend of  Thrasi Thórólfsson’s chest of gold buried behind the waterfall.


Here are some more Skogafoss photos. There is also a lot of funky green moss growing in all of the flowing streams around the island.


In Reykjavik, we stopped at a little hole-in-the wall record store, where the record store clerk recommended Ásgeir Trausti, she said it was “really nice guitar music” and was very popular with the locals. We also picked up our vans on the second day of the trip. We rented them through a place called “Kuku Campers” and were blessed with the SouthPark Cartman van.


Yup, we lived in a van for ten days. Much cooking and drinking ensued.


This is Vatnajökull . It literally means “glacier lagoon”.


Vatnajökull at sunset. Here we saw seals swimming and fell asleep to the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).