One of my favorite things about living in Sacramento is the tight-knit artist community. There are many weekly and monthly events centered around gathering artists together to draw, learn from each other, and to swap stories and techniques. During my first week in Sacramento, I ventured out to Empire Comics to check out the Sacramento Comic Creators’ Group, a band of artists and writers passionate about comics. I’ve made a lot of great friends, and learned a lot about comics, culture, and history through the people I’ve met at these events 🙂 Being a part of this community of artists has been a very humbling and motivating experience. I’ve been inspired to keep drawing thanks to these vibrant, supportive people 🙂 Below are some of my most recent sketches from the monthly cosplay life drawing sessions hosted by Empire Comics.

Steampunk man

Steampunk man resting, punching, and pondering25_steam-punk-man_drawings_800x235

Oh no! Steampunk man down!25_steampunk-man-laying-down_miranda-singler_800x204

Steampunk girl

Steampunk girl armed and ready, and Steampunk girl with a looking glass and parasolSteampunk model at Empire Comics

Spider girl

Spider Girl at Empire Comics!

Spider girl resting and Spider girl punching
25_spider-girl_miranda-singler_2_800x464 25_spider-girl_miranda-singler_3_800x464

Thank you for reading, and please check out Empire Comics for more artist events in the Sacramento area 🙂