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August 7 2013
Parkland Jazz Band

Back in 2012, I had the privilege of playing piano with the Parkland Community College jazz band. The band consisted of bass, vibraphones, drums, guitar, and piano. I had been playing piano solo for a long time prior to joining[…]

July 26 2013

“Time in a Bottle” is a personal project created during the winter of 2011 while living in an ole 70’s wooden-walled basement apartment. I was playing a lot on my Yamaha P-120 digital piano, and was feeling like the phantom of the opera, staying[…]

July 1 2013

After leaving the lovely little oasis of Flagstaff, Arizona, I set sail for my final destination, California. The drive included a multitudinous amount of desert, a roller coaster ride down the mountains, and a good amount of idling in traffic[…]

June 29 2013
Neon sock monkey

After spending the night at the RV Park outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, I ventured off to Albuquerque where I continued to live the spontaneous life until the crappy hotel room beckoned to my tired soul. Upon entering the city[…]

June 28 2013
Santa Fe sunrise

On Friday (June 28), I drove from Amarillo, TX to various places in New Mexico! On this particular day, I let Lady Spontaneity reign queen, and this is how the day went. Mesaland’s Community College’s Dinosaur Museum After leaving Amarillo, I stopped[…]

June 26 2013
Becca, Emily, and Mir

After leaving the lovely Rebeccah, Chris, and Emily in Cambria, Illinois, I set sail for Little Rock, Arkansas. Before leaving Illinois, I passed through Cairo, Illinois, because this town played an important role in one of my favorite books, American[…]

June 25 2013
Leaving Illinois

I apologize in advance as I’m supposed to be a graphic designer and many of these photos may be of ‘shitty’ photographic quality, yet their sentimental value surpasses all. So suck it! Gonna try and keep this short and sweet.[…]

June 22 2013

#02 Firefly


Ok, here goes for a first real blog post. Not sure why, but I’m incredibly nervous to write this. Whatever. So this past year has been filled with lots of crazy life changes! I have decided to take the plunge[…]

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